Next Season….Starts Now

“For in order to survive , we humans must consume the plants and animals – life must be taken so that we may live – It is only with this awareness that we learn humility and find balance. Our lives need to be in a circle, not a square, nor a straight line” quote by BLACK ELK (Oglala Lakota)

~Hunting Season is officially over or is it not over? Just like any other sport or craft, whether it be football, gymnastics, or olympic curling, we all must prepare and practice for the next competition season, during the Off Season. The “Off” is still a Season.

During the last week for hunting big game with rifles. I went into full panic over the fact that I would only have just a few more days to enjoy riding to Grand Junction with my Dad,

sitting in the deer stand  for hours,

eating junky snacks,


scanning the field,

breathing fresh air,

listening to the wind, rain, crows, leaves,

and squirrels,

feeling the small trace of moisture on my eyelashes and nostrils, in below freezing temperatures

and having my heart race due to the sight of a mystical whitetail.

I love these moments in the outdoors of Hardeman County TN. Hunting and the outdoors is where I finally met peace, reconnected with God, and learned to appreciate and fully recognize the importance of life and quality time with family. I also discovered another healthy obsession and love affair……The love for hunting and its lifestyle.

So instead of feeling completely bummed out over the wait until October, I decided to share with you, my fellow brothers and sisters, my stories…their stories…our stories of the great outdoors and our adventures and love for hunting. This is our season; season of knowledge, tips, preparation, and community.

Thank you for joining your family. Thank you for sharing your passion and respect for one another and all of God’s beautiful creatures.


`Elana Flagg

3 Comments Add yours

  1. E.C. Moore says:

    Outstanding, your insight is right on and your perspective of life has come full circle. We hunt and live with respect to all animals because we were given dominion over all animals. We only take what we need to sustain ourselves.


  2. Elana Flagg says:

    hey my name is Elana flagg too lol, also i loved the piece that you wrote.


    1. BlackHunters says:

      Hi Elana, now I know why I couldn’t get elanaflagg@gmail. LOL. Thank you so much for reading my blog. I became a Flagg by marriage. Were you born a Flagg? I always get excited to meet other Elana’s with this spelling.


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