Tuesday’s Tips and Terminology:

Good Day my Fellow Hunters and Huntresses:

Each Tuesday, friends and family members will contribute and share quick tips and terms that can help grow our knowledge of hunting and the outdoors. I hope you enjoy these; if you have anything you would like to share, please contact us. We greatly appreciate you being part of the group.

During the latter part of February, I started a leisurely read of my new purchase “Buck Buck Moose” by Hank Shaw. This cookbook is an excellent read and a great gift for your hunter friends or family. Look out for my future post; that will give a thorough review of this lovely enchiridion.

Today’s Tuesday’s Tips and Terms is the word….. VENISON….Most of you probably already know the basic Webster’s Dictionary Term:

noun: venison
  1. meat from a deer.

But did you know that the word VENISON derives from the Latin word Venari? Venari means “to hunt”. 

The term venison refers to all the deer-like animals that include the cervids: deer, elk and moose; and the non-cervid pronghorn and African antelopes.



Thank you for reading and sharing….


El Flagg








-Buck Buck Moose by: Hank Shaw

-talks with Daddy Mack Moore



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