Tuesday’s Tips and Terminology: Lost, but not Found….

Good Day my Fellow Hunters and Huntresses,

This past hunting season, had my Dad and I tracking left and right, due to me not being completely comfortable with my new rifle, continued lack of confidence after each miss, and constantly being too anxious about each hunt, due to limited time in the field, because of my work schedule.

The most common TIP, while tracking our wild game, after arrow/bullet contact, is to FOLLOW THE BLOOD TRAIL….

Too commonly, we hunters, including myself, get caught up into thinking “maybe the deer went left and right and front and back and all over about the landscape…. But please remember….FOLLOW THE BLOOD TRAIL…. and to take it to the next most practical reasoning, after this TIP, is to “STAY ON THAT BLOOD TRAIL”. 

When you get to your last clue of BLOOD, the answer may not always be in any random direction; the answer and next clue is right there at your feet; get low and see if your deer took a hard turn. If you have time, and sunset is not on your tail, take the next 20 to 30 minutes to brush the area.

If all else fails, and you have more than likely snipped, clipped, missed or just flat out lost your deer; don’t be discouraged; get right back out there and keep hunting. In the field, just like other predators; we are not perfect and don’t always have a perfect hunt. Ever watch National Geographic and see how food prospects are hunted and get away or get taken away (by a hyena)… same thing happens to us.

As long as you weren’t doing something stupid, and you did your best to have a good intentions and ethical hunt; dust your shoulders off and hunt on….

Thank you for reading and sharing…


El Flagg

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