Mission: Colorado Elk Hunt 2018

Soooo…. this is really about to happen. We’ve been talking about it for several months now, and guess what!?!!??!! I just applied for my Colorado Elk Tag for this year’s hunt near Craig, CO for October of 2018. I will have the honor of hunting with my Dad, Uncle Syd,  Mr. Syd Sr., Mr. Tony, Mr. Mike and Corey.

This is just one of the first steps to a big game hunt, out of state, for non-residents. In order to hunt in Colorado, you will need to have your proof of successfully completing and passing your home state’s Hunter Education Course.


Do your research and subscribe to your “hunting excursion’s” location in order to keep up to date when the “Applications and License Draw” are available for you to submit a request for your desired Game based on weapon, and the week of your hunt. This was a learning process for me, and I am thankful to have my Dad help me through the selection. This system is simple to walk through, but you can easily enter in the wrong information, if you don’t know what you’re doing. Like most hunting applications, they are non-refundable…. so all the importance to make sure you do things correctly the first time. (I am speaking from experience, but that’s another story).


The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Publication has pertinent codes that must be entered into your online application. With or without an outfitter, make sure you find the correct location region codes to properly choose which license to request. Choose your hunted game, region, weapon, season dates, and whether or not you’d like to tag a male or female.

Application Costs: (as of March 2018)

Colorado Habitat Stamp  $10

Online Application Fee   $3

Elk Bull (Male) Tag   $661

Elk Cow (Female) Tag   $496


Application open period, to better your chances of getting your first choice, ends on April 3rd 2018. So if you don’t have your hunter’s safety course done, you’ll still have a chance during the leftover draw application period in June.


An online PDF copy can be accessed from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Website at

Click to access Ch02.pdf


If you have additional information for the family, please feel free to contact us and we’d love to feature your knowledge on the site. Thank you for reading and sharing.


El Flagg


Helpful Links:

Find Hunter Safety Course Locations based on Your State:                    


Colorado Parks and Wildlife Website:                          






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