Tuesday’s Tips and Terminology: Paunch

Good Day My Fellow Hunters and Huntresses:

I hope your weekend was well and that this new week is good to you. Don’t forget to contact us and submit your tips and uncommon terms that we’d love to share on the site.

This week’s term is PAUNCH

PAUNCH means the dreadful “GUT” SHOT. This is hands down the least desirable way to harvest your deer. The gut includes the stomach, intestines, liver and other organs. This shot more times than less, will have you tracking your deer for several yards.  When a mammal’s adrenaline kicks in, its main goal is survival. After a paunch shot, a deer can run as far as 40 yards to a little over half a mile.

Remember, hunt clean, shoot for the neck or the vitals; keep your deer on the same planet. Thank you for reading and sharing.


El Flagg

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