Tuesday’s Tips and Terminology: STOTTING

Good Day My Fellow Hunters and Huntresses,

This past week, my new friend Mr. Ward, blessed me with a few items to help me prepare for my hunt in Colorado. Most of the material was for Elk Hunting, which included thermal gear, hats, and a cow-call. While going through the books, I decided to start reading “Mule Deer Country” by Valerius Geist.


Only being experienced with white-tail deer, this knowledge on mule deer is quite intriguing and I look forward to seeing them on my journey to Colorado. With only 175 pages, it’s an easy read with plenty of colorful photographs and references. One of the new terms I learned was the mule deer tactic called “STOTTING”.

STOTTING: (also called pronking or pronging) is a behavior of MULE DEER, in which they spring into the air, lifting all four feet off the ground simultaneously. 

It is an escape behavior that includes a brief run off and a gallop which places obstacles in the path of pursuing predators. Another interesting fact about Mule Deer is that they will also fight off smaller predators, by stotting at them.


(Books From Mr. Ed Ward)

Featured Image Credit: Oregon Game and Fish



Thank you for reading and sharing,


El Flagg



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