A Different Type of Tuesday….

I have been hard on myself for too many years; it started sometime after my freshman spring-semester of college. I was in competitive dance in high-school and I was good at it; I wasn’t the smartest in my class; a lot of subjects based on creative were easy for me, and for others…I knew I had to study and give my best effort. So yeah… life has been a competition with others and with myself for a while.

There was only one time in my life, when I felt successful, and that was when I was an air traffic controller. It was a bipolar relationship; I loved it and like many other lost and tired Americans…I felt like I was in the wrong place and that my purpose was elsewhere.

Fear and self doubt have hindered many winning moments that could have been part of my life; fear has stopped me from working on goals that I know can be real. We know that we are capable of what we desire, but our feelings and our insecurities and false limitations, created by our circumstances and our minds, keep us from the continual pursuit….

When I started hunting, during the deep years, I never knew it would become a great obsession. At first, it was just about trying something to keep me distracted from lies and the truth. I knew this adoration for hunting was true when I would be heading to the woods at 4am each morning….

no matter the weather,

no matter how tired I was;

no matter if there were spiders and wasp walking on me, while I sat for hours;

no matter if I had to urinate in a cup or take a “two” by a tree, with the rear exposed to squirrels and ants;

I continued to go and get out there

and be patient

and put in the time

and be ready for the few seconds that were given to me to make the harvest….

I LOVE HUNTING… I am not a world class “Gamehunter” or legend of the outdoors… There have been seasons of success and seasons like my last one, when I was chopping trees with bullets. I missed so many times last year, that it was flat out insulting to the gun manufacturer. I was so caught up in producing results that it took away from me fully appreciating and enjoying my quiet time with God. At the core, hunting is not competitive; it’s not about status; it’s not about fear or doubt; it’s about having a passion for a sport that gives more than trophies and food. It gives confidence and discipline.

My dream is to build an organization for ethic hunters; and to introduce the sportsman lifestyle to more of our people and to ignite a passion for it.


As always…thank-you for reading and sharing….


El Flagg

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