Tuesday’s Tips and Terminology: 5 Elk Hunting Needed Knowledge Part 1

Happy Tuesday my Fellow Hunters and Outdoorsmen:

We are officially three weeks away from heading to Craig, Colorado for the yearly Elk Hunt. I have the honor to be able to experience this hunt and trip of a lifetime, with my Father Mack and Uncle Sid.

To help me prepare, I have been “Trigger” practicing and taking a few days before the hunt to practice actually shooting my choice rifle for the hunt (Baby Creed), my Thompson Center Arms TC Arms 6.5 Creedmoor.

This week, I have been taking the extra down time, due to the end of hot real estate season, to read “Elk Tactics” by Laubach and Henckel.  A major concept of the book, is to pass down what you have learned and give back by sharing that knowledge with new and seasoned hunters. Below, I have Five Noggin Needed Info to help you become more familiar with hunting your new big game “Elk”. Please comment and share your tips with each other…. the more we know, the better and more successful we will become.




One: Is my my favorite….. LEAVE ELK BEDDING AREAs ALONE…LEAVE THEM IN PEACE…. We ultimately want to keep our game in the same area, that we will be hunting yearly. If elk can’t have that security of a safe resting place, they will ultimately move on to another area that could potentially be out of your reach. Try to hunt the transition to food and water or migration paths and the areas of feeding and hydration.

Two: ELK BED HIGH AND FEED LOW: The paths are vertical up and down the mountain. Elk will transition horizontally along the mountain ridges and its contours to move to summer and winter ranges.

Three: Elk are smarter than previous decades, just like whitetail and other game; animals learn and they do not forget. Due to experience and exposure from the pressure of hunters and hikers… Elk will become familiar with knowing that you are not safe. Sometimes having a cow call can send a message to “run quickly away from this sound.” We think we can speak Elk, but we honestly don’t always send the message we intended. If you decide to use a cow call, make sure it is 3 to 5 seconds short. Bougling is no longer than 5 seconds long.

Four: Please do not be lazy and camp near or on your hunting spot. Just like an elk does not sleep and eat in the same spot, you need to take the time to camp at a good distance from where you will be hunting. Take the time and effort. You will 100 times likely spook your animal and they will not come back to those areas.

Five: Elk are Predictable, just like we Humans. We all need Security/Bedding, A Water Source and Food Source.

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