Transformation Tuesday….


Trophies don’t always get bigger in the following years…. With time and experience, You become a better hunter and sportsman which eventually leads to you becoming a teacher, mentor, and a “wildlife conservationists”.

It’s finally deer season for me, here in Tennessee. On my first day of hunting rifle season, I harvested a buck within an hour of getting into the stand. Talk about a really good day and a good start to 2018-2019. In the state of Tennessee, we are limited to two antlered deer per season and three antler-less deer per day for the season. With one, tag being filled, I will be patiently waiting for something more mature.

With this being my sixth season, I have grown to appreciate more than just hunting for the trophy each year. Just like prepping for a bodybuilding competition, you fall in love with the process of training and seeing the gradually transformation. With hunting, I have grown to love the entire process…. The early mornings, the frigid hours in the tree, the sounds of squirrels and crows, the rush of adrenaline from seeing the deer feed or pass by, the successful clean shot, the field dressing, the processing of the meat, and the meal with family and friends.

These are the reasons why we hunt day in and day out. In the picture above, I harvested my largest buck, during my first year of big game hunting. As you can see, years later… there are no big buck trophies… But this is not why I enjoy the sport. I hunt for the food that keeps my family healthy; I hunt for the time with God and nature’s gift; I hunt for my mental and physical health; I hunt for the quality time and memories with my Dad. I hunt because the real trophy is learning patience and persistence. This is why we hunt…


El Flagg

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