Tuesdays Tips and Terminology: Trees, Scrapes, & Rubs

Yesterday, my father and I headed to the woods to do some squirrel hunting. These hunts are more than just harvesting. I truly cherish these moments that will be with me many years; these hunts are the memories that will carry and comfort me and my family, when we are no longer able to be with him physically.

Squirrel hunting is the perfect time to accomplish two goals at one time. There is the hunt and there is the opportunity to see the activity of the land.

While searching for squirrels, we saw several buck scrapes and rubs along well traveled paths. The most exciting discovery, was finding the dominant buck’s path. His area of transition was a path not traveled by many other deer and hunters. How did we know he was a good size? Tip for Tuesday: Larger bucks choose larger trees. 

Check the diameter of the tree that the bucks are rubbing. The larger and wider the tree, and antler marks, the bigger the buck. Smaller bucks will choose smaller trees.

This would be an ideal place to set up a stand and/or set up a trail cam, in order to meet, see, and name this king of the forest. 



Thank you for reading and sharing…



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