Colorado Elk Hunt Packing List 2018 and “what I wish I packed”

Happy Sunday Family,

Three months ago, I was blessed with the opportunity to go on an elk hunt, in Colorado, with my Dad, Uncles, and Grandfather. During that time I kept a list of ways that would have made an already perfect adventure, even more perfect. With most hunting seasons coming to a “break”, this is the best time of the year to start gathering some hunting gear at discounted prices. Comment below a few of your favorite items. I have also provided links to some of the items on the list. 

Items I wish I had packed:

  1. Tent Bedside Thin Mat
  2. Camp Tent Shoes (so that I would not have to wear my hunting boots in the tent)
  3. clip on hanging bag for cot
  4. 100% uv face mask
  5. Ski goggles
  6. Carhartt hunting hat with ear flaps waterproof (currently sold out)
  7. smaller point and shoot camera vs. bringing my DSLR
  8. wrist watch with built in alarm clock


Colorado Elk Hunt Ultimate Packing List: (Men and Women)

  1. Copies of  Elk Tag Receipts and Hunter’s Safety Course
  2. Colorado Cow Tag and Bull Tag (placed in an clear plastic bag with Ink Pens)
  3. Hotel Reservations for pit stops We did two stops:  @Colby, KS and @Craig, CO
  4. TN Hunter’s Safety Certificate in Wallet
  5. TC Arms 6.5 Creedmoor
  6. Hornady Ammo
  7. Leupold Range Finder and extra battery
  8. Tylenol and daily medications (if needed)
  9. iPhone wired earphones (leave your daily need of charging (apple watch and earbuds) at home
  10. iPhone charger (for the hotel)
  11. iPhone external charger (2) (for camp)
  12. travel cash
  13. Smaller duffle or backpack for hotels
  14. credit card and/or debit card (for emergencies and meat processing)
  15. change to smaller wallet (women) 
  16. Leupold binoculars
  17. four pairs of wool hunting socks
  18. insulated hunting hat (blaze)
  19. three insulated hunting hats
  20. Muck Boots
  21. 1000 insulate spring light weight boots
  22. three pairs of insulated hunting gloves
  23. silver emergency blankets
  24. emergency “sanitary” items
  25. hunting and skinning knives
  26. first aid kit
  27. fleece base layer set
  28. two headlight flashlights
  29. camo parka raingear
  30. insulated face mask
  31. wrist watch (so that you don’t have to use your phone)
  32. pillow and blanket
  33. padded gun case
  34. rifle tripod and chair
  35. toilet paper and paper towels
  36. kleenex and wet wipes
  37. chapstick
  38. chewing gum
  39. cow call
  40. unscented deodorant
  41. fire starter lint or fire starter kit
  42. camera and battery and memory cards
  43. moisture wipes (hygiene)
  44. plastic zip ties
  45. wool pants
  46. emergency whistle
  47. empty water bottles or canteen
  48. elk meat storage bags (buy these at the local area Walmart (only $10 in Craig CO)
  49. 50 foot cord rope
  50. duct tape
  51. sunglasses
  52. sweaters and hoodies
  53. fleece base layers
  54. boxer briefs
  55. hunting knife
  56. hunting bibs
  57. hunting winter coat
  58. orange vest
  59. orange blaze furry hat
  60. orange blaze cap
  61. ear muffs
  62. camp snacks and multi purpose spork
  63. Silk Lined Cap (women)
  64. micro cleaning cloth
  65. outdoor edge knife

63. journal and pen (reflect each day on paper, not on the cellphone)



2019 Hunt Wishlist: What I will be adding to my gear…. (on the lookout for sales)

  1. A “bogPod”
  2. On the lockout for a new scope (undecided)

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