Episode 1: Obtaining Your Out of State CO Hunting License 2020

Congratulations, you’ve made the decision to go on an Elk Hunt in the state of Colorado… But did you remember to complete your HUNTER’S SAFETY COURSE??? If not, there is still time to make this happen before the secondary draw on August 4th, 2020.

After choosing your outfitter and discussing your hunt dates or choosing to wing it on your own solo or with an EXPERIENCED group; go to the Colorado Parks Website to create your profile.


  1. Create your Profile; you will need your COMPLETED HUNTER’S EDUCATION COURSE INFORMATION
  2. Purchase a qualifying license; I purchased a W50 NON-RESIDENT SMALL GAME ANNUAL LICENSE. (please make sure to choose resident, if you live in Colorado).
  3. The system will add your HABITAT STAMP purchase.
  4. After these purchases, you will be able to enter into the ELK DRAW TAG REQUEST; your payment card on file will be charged, once Colorado Parks has issued you a tag…(usually in the summer)…



Interesting Information about Out of State Hunters (We contribute big revenue for the state’s parks….. (read below). In the future, it would be nice if Colorado Parks and Wildlife would give us a WEEK OR FIVE DAY HUNTING LICENSE option, to help save a few dollars. We bring so much money to the lands and resources.

Based on John Meyer’s, January 16th 2020, Denver Post Article, Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s licensing revenue increased by 20%. This is due to the new requirements that make it mandatory to purchase a SMALL GAME LICENSE in conjunction and prior to purchasing your ELK TAG draw request (preference).

Approximately 66% if the Wildlife Agency’s revenue is from licensing purchased from OUT OF STATE NON RESIDENT HUNTERS. For example, one year, 156,000 elk tags issued to residents of Colorado produced $6.4 million compared to 67,800 elk tags issued to NON-RESIDENTS produced $37.3 million in revenue.






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