Episode 5 of Join the Journey Series: Featured on YouTube Channel (@lula)

Hello True Outdoorsmen, 

We are towards the end of the “pandemic quarantine/safer at home” order, here in Tennessee. As for my family, we are still being cautionary; we are only grocery shopping and attending scheduled doctor’s appointments. 

Until leadership starts to have cohesive instructions and guidance, we will be thinking for ourselves, staying in prayer, and keeping our family and friends safe. 

We are still staying focused on our health and we are keeping hope alive that we will be able to hit the mountains in Colorado this fall. 

As hunters/sportsmen, we know that personal experience, time in the woods, guidance and teams, and the right time and location, will ultimately get you your desired results. Being physically fit is not the most important aspect of the hunt, but it does make things easier and safer for you and your fellow team. 

In the Rocky Mountains, you have the:



Sage (thick sage)



Uneven Terrain 


And the Snow that melts down to Mud 

We did not spot and stalk, but if that is your jam, you will definitely need to prepare for the physical part of your upcoming elk hunt. Your excitement and adrenaline can carry you a good ways during your hunt. The passion for this sport gives you that extra drive and motivation to push through discomforts and you’re less likely to feel the stress on your body and mind, until the next morning. 

For this week’s focus on exercises; we’ve put together “ankle health” movements that will increase strength, stability, control, and some added endurance to keep your heart rate elevated. 

This recorded workout is available on YouTube at: 

 Stay safe, wear your masks, wash your hands, and let’s look out for each other, as if we were all immediate well loved family members. 

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