By the “Spring” Camp Fire

One of my most favorite moments during the Colorado hunt, was the night we were waiting on that frozen lasagne to cook for 45 plus minutes in that mini oven. 

The wait was worth it, not only because the meal was so good, but I got a change to sit and listen to the wisdom of my family and hunting team. These were the thoughts in my mind, listening to your stories of discrimination and triumph. Listening to your hardships that once caused frustration, yet a little bit of laughter in the end. 

By the “Spring Camp Fire” (2018)

It’s the end of the day’s hunt

The sun has rested…

We feast as family next to the wood burning stove….

And I listen to the stories of discrimination 

These stories came before mine

Three generations; same time

I am here with you, Black Man

Everyday I am surrounded by the power and presence of your greatness

These men, these powerful black men…

You are my Husband, my Grandfather, my Father, my Uncle, my Cousin…. You are my Friend 

You are my teachers and protectors 

You are my hunting partners

You are my Sons

And I love you

I see you and recognize your power, purpose, pain, strength and love

Your skin is smooth and bold like diamonds and coal 

You are valuable; you are precious; you are wanted

Your brilliancy and steadfastness

Perseverance without privilege

You are chemical and electrical engineers, aviators, businessmen and investors 

You are Sons, Fathers, and Brothers 

Your standards…your bars set so high 

You are smarter

You are stronger 

You are relentless 


They fear YOU

Because you thrive, excel, and survive; despite the whip and shadow that cast upon your back…

written by: El Flagg 2018 copyright protected cc

Elk Hunt; Colorado

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