The Answer to more Diversity in the Hunting Community… Find the Common Ground

Dear Hunter,

Seasoned and Newbie, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet…..It’s time for “US”, including myself, to get uncomfortable and start inviting strangers, friends, and family to the outdoors and hunt. And the easiest way to do this is to connect and find that common ground……

It’s as simple and awkward as the Christian randomly inviting you to their church and asking you to try God, in hopes of saving your soul and having you develop an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

Where disciples sometimes get it wrong, is that they forget to become relatable to you, first.

You have to get uncomfortable and find that common ground….

Find the common ground of why we’re doing this for the same reasons….

For family, camaraderie, for escape, the sport, the fun and pleasure, the stories, the quality time and relationships and legacies built, and the craft and the heart of the hunt.

We want this for our children and for their children; this hobby turned non materialistic, generational heirloom…

Remove the past teachings of fear of differences, systemic racism, harmful and distasteful traditions towards humanity and begin to Stand Up, Speak Up, and Swiftly Stop Actions that are wrong and destructive towards mankind.

We share this common goal, because we are human, we are so much alike than a difference of shade of color. I challenge you, my dear friend and true outdoorsmen… to invite someone of another God-made hue, yet same breath and blood, to the outdoors with you.

Meet up at your favorite coffee and breakfast “momma and poppa” cafe; be candid, yet sincere and talk about life; talk about your dreams and your worries. Talk about the plan for the day’s hunt and what you want him or her to take away from their first hunting experience. Show them how to release it all and enjoy the SAME moment with God and nature…..

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