“It’s Good”…. 90 Days Until Colorado Elk Hunt 2020

We’re only 3 months away from the first big game hunt of this season. The excitement of looking forward to the adventure and the daily prayers for good health and safety for our family and friends, are the main hopes in my heart…. especially during a time when the country is dying and divided.

It was good to get out into the woods for a second time this month. These small trips are golden to me. I got a chance to check my sighted scope and rifle. I also, used my tripod and chair set up, that I will be using during the hunt, on the mountain. It feels good to practice from the actual seating, and know that I will be shooting with precision from it, as compared to feeling a little unprepared with this set up, two years ago.

My 6.5 CreedMoor was sighted-in at 100 yards; which is the same distance I use for whitetail deer hunting. During the elk hunt, I will be using a range finder to help determine the long range shots, up to 300 yards. I’m far from an expert and will stay away from explaining long range shooting, until I become more knowledgeable.

The months leading up to October, are going to fly by so fast. I have started gathering my items to pack and will share that breakdown with you, in the coming weeks.

Thanks for joining the journey, check out our video link below, and let me know what your next plans are, for the fall hunting season.

Wholeheartedly, El

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